Party Like A Prince, Party Like A Princess: Sleeping Beauty Invitations



Using cardstock for all my crafts has become my latest obsession. I use it for EVERYTHING. It’s versatile, colourful, and best of all super cheap! Who doesn’t want to make something incredible and spend less than $5.00 doing so?

When it comes to birthday parties we all want our children to have one that is Pinterest worthy. My niece loves the balloons, the streamers, the decorations, goodie bags, and it all has to match this lavish extravagant Disney theme (usually not sold in stores but on Etsy for double the amount).

What to do now as you see the money flowing out of your pockets? Make it yourself of course! Don’t get scared, anyone can craft.

Every great party has to start off with invitations! Although I have so many to share, let’s start off with one. I found the cutest Disney princess printable dress templates from Hot Hands Bakery that are super easy to use and fun to customize! For Sleeping Beauty, I downloaded the Aurora Dress Cutout PDF. Make sure you save it to your computer! There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting to save and searching for hours for that template you already used once before.

For the paper, I used Butterfly Wings Cardstock Paper, 8.5″ x 11″ by Recollections® (65lbs / 176g/m) and Recollections® Cardstock Paper Value Pack in White, 8.5″ x 11″ (65lbs / 176g/m). You can only find Recollections® at your local Michaels store, but this is the best brand. I promise you, Girl Scouts honor. I stock up on all my cardstock when Michaels is having amazing sales. I got this cardstock when it was only $2.00, regularly $4.99. At $2.00 for 50 sheets, that makes each one only $0.04! What a steal; so much better than buying them individually. A value pack is also great when making invitations because you need multiple sheets of the same colours.

Once you have the template saved, you will need to print three copies of the Aurora bodice and one copy of the Aurora bottom per invitation. I like printing right on the IMG_7555paper rather than making a tracer. It saves time and I don’t mind if my paper curls a little. This can easily be solved later with adding a little weight to your finished product to flatten it out.

I printed one Aurora bodice on the dark pink, the light pink, the white, and one bottom on the dark pink. In order to maximize your card space you will have to change your printer settings. I changed my Printer Handling from Scale to Multiple Pages per Sheet; set Pages per Sheet to Two, kept my Page Order at Vertical, and my Orientation at Portrait. Here’s a cardstock secret: always print extra copies. You never know what can happen during the cutting process. You might snip off an arm, or tear the hem of the skirt. Always be prepared for something to happen! I’d rather have too much, than not enough.

Let’s do the easiest part first, the bottom. The skirt is pretty straight forward. Take a small craft scissor and carefully cut along the lines then set aside. Be careful when it comes to the ruffles, this is where the size of your scissor comes in handy. I use EK Tools Small Precision Scissors because they work the best.

Now it’s time to tackle the bodice. First, take the light pink cardstock bodice and with a ruler make a straight line directly across the waist. This will be your cut line. Take your craft scissor and cut along the waist line and around the three pleated skirt. Set aside.
Next, take the dark pink cardstock bodice and draw at the waistline a wide letter V. This will become your cut line. Cut alone this new line and around the arms and the collar. Set aside.

Finally, the white cardstock bodice will turn into Sleeping Beauty’s collar. Use the middle section to draw extra lines to connect the middle to each end. If you’re feeling adventurous use your eye and make the cut, but I like precision and clean lines.

IMG_7566At this moment you should have four different cardstock pieces. It’s time to assemble!
You can either use craft glue or hot glue to put your dress pieces together. I used craft glue, but it is up to you. If you want to use hot glue use a low head gun. I like to use a low heat glue gun because it never burns my skin if I accidentally touch it.

Start with your dark pink bodice. Apply a small amount of glue to the underside of the wide V and place it on top of the light pink pleated skirt. Press down gently, but make sure you don’t have excess glue on your fingers! Keep it clean! After, take the white collar and apply glue to the entire back. Place the white collar on top of the dark pinks collar. Layering creates a 3D effect as well as stays true to the princess’s real dress. Once it is good and down you should have a complete Sleeping Beauty bodice. Voilà!

This last part can be tricky. Apply glue to the back of the light pink pleated skirt and apply it to the top of the dark pink skirt. You have to match it up right to make sure it looks like a real dress, no extra parts sticking out of the side. After this, you have a complete Sleeping Beauty dress!!

Once you have a couple of these made, it is time to write out your invitation message on the bottom skirt. This is where it gets a little personalized. Depending on what type of party you can make it simple with a message like this:

Please Come To My Princess Party!
For: Princess Lily
When: Saturday March 24th at 2:00PM
Where: Insert Address Here
RSVP: (555) 555-5555

Or you can get really fancy with one like this:

It’s A Royal 7th Birthday Party for
Princess Lily
Saturday March 24th at 2:00PM
At Lily’s Castle
Insert Address Here
RSVP: (555) 555-5555
Come Dressed In Your Favorite Princess Dress!
Leave Your Carriages With The Doorman.

For those of you crafty Darlings you can totally take this to IMG_7578the next level. Add some ribbon, a little tulle, a rhinestone here or there, maybe cut out blue splashes. I added a little glitter to the collar. There is no write (see what I did there??) or wrong way to invite your family and friends to a celebration. These invitations are a cute, unique, and Pinterest worthy way to make your little ones birthday a little bit more magical.

Don’t quite care for Sleeping Beauty? Stay tune for other tutorials on how to create more Disney Princess Dresses. Who would you like to see next? Tell me in a comment!


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