DIY Disney: Minnie Mouse Daisy Art



Spring is in the air, Darlings!

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it finally felt like spring for once.  Outside was gorgeous and the weather was so warm.  I totally felt inspired by the flowers and Ethan Allen’s Mickey Mouse ”Daisy Dreams Paper Art” to create my own cardstock version of Minnie Mouse to decorate the house.

For this DIY Minnie Mouse Daisy Art I chose a mint green background, pale cornflower blue petals, white central disc, and white bow.  I decided on the mint green colour because I’m OBSESSED with it lately.  It’s such a fun and bright colour and goes perfectly with everything in my kitchen.  The pale cornflower blue petals adds a little colour to the mint green without having to compromise to a full white. You can choose any colour you like, these are just what I wanted to use.  My only suggestion is make sure you have a colour IMG_7870scene and enough sheets.

I found the perfect Printable Mickey Mouse Head Silhouette on Printable Treats.Com.  Print the Mickey Mouse head on the background cardstock of your choosing.  Then, cut along the lines and put it to the side.  This will be your outline for gluing your daisy flowers and creating the perfect shape.

Using your Daisy Lever 2” Punch by Recollections™, punch 48 daisies out of your petal cardstock colour.  Once you have them all, take the sharp edge of your scissor and put it IMG_7860on the middle of one of your petals.  Pinch your petal between the scissors to create a crease.  Do this for all the petals of the 48 daisies and set them aside.  This will create a really cool 3D effect.  So simple!

Taking your Fiskars .6” Pop-up Circle Punch, punch 24 circles out of your center disc cardstock colour.  Once you have these all set, you’re ready to assemble your daisies!  I like to use a glue gun for this because it’s quick and simple and gets the job done in no time.

You will need to use two daisy cut outs and one center disc to create a full and complete daisy.  Apply a small dab of glue to the center of the first daisy.  Take the second daisy and adhere it to the first, laying the petals between each other.  Pressing down lightly, apply another dab of glue for the center disc.  Voilà!  The most perfect, cutest daisy.  Continue this until you have 24 of them.

Now it’s time to glue them onto your Minnie Mouse head.  I used 7 daisies for the left ear, 7 for the right, and 10 for the center head.  The key to the success here is to place the daisies on the outline first before gluing, making sure they are in the perfect spot.  Then, IMG_7880one-by-one pull them up, apply the glue, and set them right back down.  You might need to make more daisies once you start assembling and find gaps.  Once you have all your daisies down, move individual petals around to create that authentic feel.

To create the Minnie Bow, I used a template I found from Renee Sherwood Designs.  Print the template on the bow cardstock colour of your choosing.  Cut along the lines and put the tail piece and bow middle to the side.  Take your pencil and use it to curl the edges of your bow inward.  This will help with shaping.  Use your glue gun and adhere each side down to the middle.  Once dry, glue down your bow (folds facing down) to the center of the tail piece.  Cover the center of the bow by using the bow middle. Glue one side of the middle to the back of the bow and wrap it all the way around the front and back to the back.  Glue it down once more to hold it all together.  Make sure it is nice and tight.

Finally, the last piece to put the whole art together.  Minnie can’t be bowtastic without her bow!

Find a spot on your Minnie Mouse Daisy Art where you want to place her bow.  You can put it in the middle like I did or angled on an ear.  Whichever you choose!  Make it pretty and make it yours.

To keep everything seamless, take another sheet of the same colour cardstock that you used for the background and place your Minnie Mouse on top of it.  Put your Minnie Mouse and the background in the frame and lock it up!  Make sure it is all centered and looking fabulous.IMG_7936

There you go!  A beautiful DIY Minnie Mouse Daisy Art to brighten up your home for spring.

The frame I used was a little small, since the space I had designed this for could only fit this size.  Some of the petals get cut off, but I’m always crafting.  I suggest if you have the room, get a bigger frame that displays as much as you like.  You can cut it off at the petals, or show more of the background.

What other Disney friends would you like to see decked out in daisies?  Let me know in the comments!


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