DIY Disney: Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tags



Happy Easter Darlings!

In the spirit of spring and Easter crafting, I thought what would be a really cute way to incorporate more Disney into my life?  While putting together Easter baskets for my niece and nephews, (the basket, the decorative shred, the cellophane, the pretty ribbon, the gift tag) I noticed that it was starting to get super expensive and that wasn’t including the price of the gift itself!  IMG_8199

So naturally, being the crafty person I am, I tried to find the least expensive way to create the cutest gift I could.  I found decorative shred , cellophane, and ribbon at my local dollar store, these adorable beyond adorable felt baskets at Target that will last beyond one Easter, and made my own Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tags!

Of course they are made out of cardstock; what other obsession do I have? 

They are really easy to make and so fun to personalize.  My niece who is learning how to read loved to look at the names written on each tag to hand out.  She was a little jealous of whose got what tag, but what do you expect from a seven year old!

Pink Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tag:
IMG_8186The template I used from Today’s Mamma comes with five blank eggs on one sheet.  I first printed it out on a separate sheet of paper and then made my own outline.  Trace the egg on the light pink cardstock and cut along the outline.  Set aside. 

To make your Mickey Mouse head print out the template from Deals From Ms. Do on a separate sheet as well.  Although the template comes with so many, they are the perfect size to fit in the middle of the egg with room to spare for decoration.  Cut out an outline and trace on the lilac cardstock.  Cut along the outline and set aside.

This is the easiest and most fun part.  Take your 5/8 In Daisy Lever Punch by Recollections™ and stamp four tiny daisies in the butter yellow and three in the lilac. 

Take your seven daisies and arrange them in a pattern along your egg.  I did them on a diagonal using the butter yellow daisies on the ends and the lilacs in the middle.  When you have your desired patternIMG_8192, glue them down.  Next, take your Mickey Mouse head and glue it in the center of the egg.  It’s okay if it covers a flower or part of one.  This adds to the authenticity of the eggs design.  Once Mickey is on nice and good, take your Black Single Tip Calligraphy Marker by Recollections™ and beautifully write your recipients name. 

Last but not least, you need a hole for the ribbon to go through!  Take a Round Hole Punch – 1/4 inch and punch a hole a good distance from the top in your egg.  Voilà!  Your first Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tag is complete!

Electric Blue Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tag:
IMG_8185Take that same egg template you used for the pink egg and trace and outline on the electric blue cardstock.  Cut along the outline and set aside.  Do the same for the Mickey Mouse head on the Yellow cardstock and set aside as well.  You will return to them when it is time to assemble.

For the stripes at the top, I used one of the other five eggs that were on the template and used it to create the perfect length stripes.  Using a ruler, I first found where the center of the eggs was and drew a line down the middle.  I figured out where I would want my striped to be located and made marks a half inch thick on the top and the bottom.   Then, I moved the ruler and made full straight lines going horizontally across.  Cut those lines out, making the round egg edges.  There you go!   Two  stripe templates! 

Taking the stripe templates, I traced them on the lime green cardstock and cut along the outline.  Taking the electric blue egg, I glued the stripes to their respective places.  Next, I glued on the yellow Mickey IMG_8197Mouse head.  With your blank Mickey Mouse head, write your recipients name, punch a hole at the top for the ribbon, and you have another complete Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Gift Tag.

There you go!  The cutest and most affordable gift tags you will ever find.  Everyone loves when things are personalized and homemade.  It really truly means it came from the heart!  Of course, if you have an Easter colour scheme going on you can use whatever colour cardstock you want. 

Be you and be creative!

What other Disney gift tags would you like to see?  Let me know in the comments!


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