DIY Disney: Mad Tea Party Set



A Very Merry Unbirthday to You Darlings!

April is such a special month for me because it’s the month my copy of Through the Looking-Glass was published.  This year it turns 105 years old!  I guess it’s more of a birthday than an Unbirthday!

“You’re mad.  Bonkers.  Off your head…but, I’ll tell you a secret…all the best people are.” -Mad Hatter.

In celebration, I created an adorable Mad Tea Party Set.  I absolutely love how these IMG_8859pastel colours work together to look exactly like the teacups at Magic Kingdom.

Don’t you just wish you were there now under spinning under the lanterns as the Happily Ever After fireworks sparkle above?

To make the tea pot, I found the perfect template from Café Hoffy and printed the design right onto the light pink cardstock.  I cut along the outline and set aside.

Since I wanted each teacup to be a different pastel colour, I printed out my stacked teacup template on a separate sheet of white paper and cut out each cup to create five new templates.  The colours I chose to use were light pink like the teapot, lilac, mint green, butter yellow, and orange creamsicle.  These are all colours of cups seen on the Mad Tea Party ride.

It doesn’t matter which cup you use in correspondence to what colour.  The only thing IMG_8858that is super important is when you’re tracing each cup try to draw an extra tab at the bottom.  This tab will make gluing one teacup on top of the other a lot easier.

To give my tea party that extra Wonderland-esc, I decorated the dishware.  Taking my Black Single Tip Calligraphy Marker by Recollections™, I tried to replicate the rides designs on each of the colour cardstock.  Then, I cut along the outlines and glued different colours to different cups, getting that miss-matched feel.

Now that everything is decorated, it’s time to assemble!

Place the glue on the extra tab you created and stack the cups back in their original order.  Once the glue is nice and dry, take your Black Sharpie® Marker Pens, Fine Tip, and trace the outline of the cups handles and saucer ring.  Set aside.IMG_8860

Glue your Wonderland decorations onto your tea pot.  I used two colours, lilac and mint green, to offset the light pink.  Once those decorations are dry, outline the details of the teapots bottom ring and top cover.

Once that is done, so is your Mad Tea Party Set! You are now ready to serve tea with a side of bread and butterflies.

What other Disney inspired rides would you like to see come to paper?  Let me know in the comments!

XO, S.

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