Party Like A Prince, Party Like A Princess: Princess Tiana Invitation



Here is the next installment in the Disney Princess Dress Invitations.  Princess Tiana!

Seriously, Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite modern Disney movies.  There is so much culture bursting through with everything 1920’s and New Orleans how could you NOT LOVE IT.

As always, this design is totally Pinterest worthy and will make any little princesses dreams come true.

The two Disney Princess Dress templates that I used I found from Hot Hands Bakery.  They are super easy to use and customize! For Tiana, I downloaded the Aurora Dress Cutout PDF and the Elsa Dress Cutout PDF. Make sure you save them to your computer! There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting to save and searching for hours for that template you already used once before (like the Aurora one we already used for the first Sleeping Beauty invitation).

For the paper, I used the dark green and pear green colour cardstock from Feathered Greens Cardstock Paper, 8.5 x 11” by Recollections® (65lbs / 176g/m).  Once you have the two templates saved, you will need to print one Aurora bodice on the dark green cardstock, one Elsa skirt on the pear green cardstock, and one Else bodice on a plain IMG_8863sheet of paper to create templates for the ruffles.

Let’s do the easiest part first, the bottom. The skirt is pretty straight forward. Take your EK Tools Small Precision Scissors and carefully cut along the lines then set aside. Now it’s time to tackle the Aurora bodice; almost as easy as the skirt.  Cut along the outlines, but when it comes to the sleeves, we don’t need them.  Go from the armpits and try to make a clean line across to connect to the collar.  It is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Now it’s time to prepare the template for the Elsa skirt.  First, take the bodice and with a ruler make a straight line directly across the waist. This will be your cut line. Take your craft scissor and cut along the waist line and around the skirt. Next, make an incision to spate the two ruffles and label them Right and Left.  Set the Left aside.IMG_8866

Take your Right ruffle template and dark green cardstock and create one ruffle.  Cut along the outline and set aside.  Take the pear green cardstock and draw two ruffles.  Cut along the outline and set aside.  Take your Left ruffle template and dark green cardstock and create two ruffles.  Cut along the outline and set aside.  Take the pear green cardstock and draw two ruffles.  Cut along the outline and set aside.  At this moment you should have seven different cardstock ruffle pieces.

To create the top ruffle, take the tip of the Right ruffle template and draw three small peaks.  Use your scissor to cut these out and set aside.

Now it’s time to assemble the skirt!  You can either use craft glue or hot glue to put your dress pieces together. I used craft glue, but it is up to you. If you want to use hot glue use a low head gun. I like to use a low heat glue gun because it never burns my skin if I accidentally touch it.

Let us start with the hardest part first, the pear green cardstock skirt.  Take a pear green Right ruffle and a Left ruffle and glue them a little above the hemline, having the swoops facing towards the outside.  There should be an opening available to glue the last two pear green ruffles.  These two ruffles should face the opposite way, creating a V shape when they cross.

Next, take two Left dark green ruffles and glue them onto the right side of the skirt, angling the swoops to flow to the right.  Take the last dark green ruffle and glue it on the left side of the skirt above the pear green one, the swoop angling towards the outside.

IMG_8868Although this takes time, the layering affect will give the dress its lily-pad-right-out-of-the-bayou-leaf effect.

Flip the skirt over to reveal the back and trim the excess cardstock to reshape the skirt back to its original design.

Now that you have a completed skirt, the rest will of the application will be easier.  Take the three top ruffle pieces and glue them to the middle of the top of the dark green bodice.  Apply more glue onto the three pointed skirt bottom and place it on top of your new Tiana skirt.  Let the glue dry and voilà!  You should have a completed Princess Tiana dress.

Once all the pieces are nice and glued on, it’s time to create a back piece to write your invitation message on.  Take a new piece of pear green cardstock and trace the outline of your finished dress.  Cut along the outline and glue to the back hiding all the imperfections and layering you had done.  This should make a clean solid working space for you.

Once you have a couple of invitations made, it is time to write out your message.  This is where it gets a little personalized. Depending on what type of party you can make it simple with a message like this:

Please Come To My Princess Party!
For: Princess Lily
When: Saturday April 21th at 2:00PM
Where: Insert Address Here
RSVP: (555) 555-5555

Or you can get really fancy with one like this:

Crowns, Gowns, Castles Too…
Nothing Short of a Royal Celebration Will Do!
Princess Lily is Turning 7

Saturday March 24th at 2:00PM
At Lily’s Castle
Insert Address Here RSVP: (555) 555-5555
Come Dressed In Your Favorite Princess Dress!

To add some sparkle to Tiana’s dress, I added Creatology™ Glitter Glue in colour opal to the middle pear green ruffles of the skirt.  As the glue dries, the points should start to curl a little.  Let this happen!  The natural curl will give the dress a cute touch.  I applied more glitter glue to the top light green bodice ruffles as well.  To add more IMG_8880embellishments, I took a thin light green ribbon and tied a small bow to glue on the left hand side of the bodice.  To get that added Princess twinkle, I took two small rhinestones that had glue pre-attached and places one on top of the bow and one on the middle bodice ruffle.

These invitations are a cute, unique, and Pinterest worthy way to make your little ones birthday a little bit more magical.

Which Disney Princess do you want to see next? Tell me in a comment!

XO, S.

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